Terms and Conditions

Upon purchasing a ticket, the Hi-Impact Cruise ticket holder is insured.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

This information relates to all tickets for ticket cruises and yacht hire
for events with Hi-Impact Cruise.

By purchasing tickets for cruises, from Hi-Impact Cruise, you the client
are accepting the terms and conditions within this document.
Any ticket/reservation holder or passenger will be referred to as the
client from here on.

Booking Details

1. All bookings must be made in advance of the date of the cruise. To
board the vessel the client must have a confirmed reservation/ticket which
is valid
for the date and package booked.

2. Full payment in cleared funds must be received by the Company in
advance of the date of the ticket cruise. Once full payment has been made,
no refunds shall be given.

3. Boarding closes 15 minutes prior to departure. Please arrive early so
as not to miss your booking slot. No refunds will be made to latecomers.

4. Hi-Impact Cruise does not accept liability for any loss resulting from
our failure to provide an advertised service, or where delay occurs to
those services,
for any reason.

5. NO food or drink may be brought on to any ticket cruise.

6. The Company reserves the right to, if necessary, for reasons beyond its
control, to cancel the booking, but Hi-Impact Cruise will
not in such circumstances be liable for any expenses incurred by the client.

7. During the ticket cruise, the vessel will remain under complete control
of the Captain and/or crew as provided by Hi-Impact Cruise.
If for weather, tide or other reasons the Captain considers it necessary
to vary the scheduled trip, his decision will be final.

8. Please be informed that failed card transactions or related issues can
only be solved or addressed by your financial institution.
Hi-Impact Cruise cannot give a refund on a failed or declined card

9. During hire, the vessel will remain under complete control of the
Captain and/or crew. If for weather, tidal or other reasons, the Captain
considers it necessary
to vary the scheduled trip; his orders will be accepted by The Client.
Should The Client have any cause for complaint, they must notify the
Captain before termination
of the function. Complaints not so notified, will not be accepted after
the function.

10. Hi-Impact Cruise does not accept responsibility in any circumstances
whatsoever for loss of life, personal injury,
illness or loss occurring by reason of the Client’s negligence, or
negligence by any member of the Client’s party.

11. The Client will be liable for any loss or damage to the vessel’s
equipment or fittings caused by them or persons in their party.

12. The Captain, or person(s) nominated by him, has the right to refuse a
passenger to board the vessel if said
passenger appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

13. No confetti, party poppers or chewing gum to be brought on board. Food
and drink are not allowed to be brought onboard unless by prior
arrangement during hire
and will incur a surcharge.